IOC/WESTPAC Working Group on

Complex Study of the Gas Hydrates and Methane Fluxes in the

Indo-Pacific Region (CoSGas)

•   Gas hydrates are important marine phenomena which significance is growing up from year to year but still studied poorly in marine expeditions due to the lack of international cooperation.


•   Gas hydrates were found in many areas of the Western Pacific and Indian oceans. Numerous unique gas hydrate accumulations nowadays are object of few focused projects studies in different countries.


•   Nature and evolution of the gas hydrate system in the lithosphere and hydrosphere, which in respect to environmental agent is one of the most uncertain and debatable problem of World Ocean.


•   Fluxes of methane from sea bottom are associated with gas hydrates located below surface sediments

•   Methane fluxes from the marginal seas plays a significant climatic and social role, but remains one of the most debated topics in ocean sciences.


•   Initiation of a long-term collaborative international project to study gas hydrates by Western Pacific and Indian oceans community on bases of mutual understanding, scientific, and administrative collaboration would be timely and efficient.