IOC/WESTPAC Working Group on

Complex Study of the Gas Hydrates and Methane Fluxes in the

Indo-Pacific Region (CoSGas)

  • June 2, 2021 - on-line meeting (Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan)


  • March 18, 2022 - on-line meeting (Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Japan)


  • May 17, 18, 24, 2022 - video-conference: The IOC/WESTPAC WG CoSGas Workshop “Resent advances and current challenges of gas hydrates and methane research in the Indo-Pacific region”


  • March 1, 2023, video-conference (Russia, China, India)


  • April 10-14, 2023, meeting in Qingdao (China) on approval of the China-Russia Arctic Marine Science Joint Research Center (CRAMS-JRC)


  • June 15, 2023, the 14th meeting of the Working Group on High Technologies and Innovations in Beijing The Subcommittee on Scientific and Technical Cooperation of the Russian-Chinese Commission for the Preparation of regular meetings of Heads of Government.